Nirwana Group: Enhancing decision making and eliminating paper reports

Louisa George
February 25, 2021
In our journey towards striving for a more digitised process in fashion manufacturing, we’ve deployed the Zilingo Factory software to over 50 factories across 4 countries. One such group is the Nirwana Group, who sought to improve their operations and we helped them reach their targets.
Established in 1982 in Bandung, Indonesia and still growing, Nirwana specializes in vertical arrangement of production lines from yarn dyeing, knitting fabrics, dyeing and finishing fabrics, manufacturing garments to global marketing and trading.
Their goal is to promote and enhance the reputation of Indonesian communities and communities through the textile industry. Their division in Majalaya, PT Nirwana Alabare Santosa, has a capacity of 700,000 pcs/month.
Their Challenge
Prior to adopting Zilingo Factory software in their production lines PT Nirwana Alabare Santosa faced productivity, quality and efficiency issues. Due to the time lag involved in recording data manually, they were unable to proactively take decisions. Managers faced problems in ensuring set targets were met in a timely manner since they did not have visibilityinto operations. Cumulatively, as a result of the time lags and visibility issues, decisions were made on the basis of postmortem reports.
Why Zilingo Factory?
The Zilingo Factory software enables clients to increase productivity thereby leading to a boost in orders, buyers are impressed by the factory’s adoption of a production monitoring system as this introduces a new level of quality into factory operations and output. Along with this, the user friendly interface of the software allows for smooth training and lower investments. Zilingo Factory provided solutions for Nirwana’s specific requirements, allowing for a smooth transition to digitisation.
The Results
With the adoption of Zilingo Factory software PT Nirwana Alabare Santosa saw a burgeoning growth in their factory. The visual management system allowed the factory stakeholders to make proactive decisions as well as motivated the sewing operators. It also helped in driving incentive programs that would translate into improvements in productivity and efficiency. Transparency in the production line through real-time quality and efficiency data empowered the management to make quick data driven decisions and eliminate manual data entry.
Nirwana achieved a DHU rate reduction of 3% and an increase in efficiency by 5%.
Louisa George
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