How Zilingo Can Help Integrate Technology Into Your Supply Chain?

Tim Editorial Zilingo
May 26, 2020
With factories entering the 4.0 era, the supply chain system undergoes rapid change owing to it’s ever evolving nature. With competition and breakthroughs on a daily basis makes it even more important for companies to keep track of what kind of disruptions to expect across the supply chain. Some of the supply chain trends that will have a massive impact in 2020 include various tools such as AI and block-chain technology that would play a major role in automation of processes, increased efficiency and  transparency across the supply chain through decentralization of data. We will also be seeing more manufacturers move towards the new circular supply chain through adoption of sustainable practices such as green logistics, less factory wastage, re-using raw materials to reduce carbon footprint and sourcing from environmentally responsible partners. By incorporating the latest trends in technology and sustainability across the supply chain processes, manufacturers will be able to offer more in terms of scalability, flexibility and move towards being the leaders in the industry.
Majority of the factories in the fashion industry have not made a move towards the digital realm. Some everyday challenges that such factories face include decrease in production efficiency, tedious manual data checking, lack of real time production data and limited visibility of defects.
Digitization of factory processes is the way forward to tackle these supply chain inefficiencies. It's the era of combining traditional manufacturing with smart technology. With Zilingo Production Software there’s room for both. We empower brands by digitizing the manufacturing process which contributes to increased efficiency in production output, reduction in waste and defects, and empowerment of workers through automation of live reports on factory floors. Here are 5 ways Zilingo can help you integrate technology into your supply chain:
1. Ensuring Transparency & Empowering workers
A swift turn towards automation has resulted in operational visibility on factory floors for factory owners and workers. Zilingo Production Software provides effective and economical solutions to empower the workers while simultaneously improving production output through transparency. Our centralized dashboards provide line managers with real time insights on production output across garment categories on an hourly basis. There is monitoring and analyzing of why a particular line can’t achieve the production target, post which immediate feedback is given to the factory supervisors. This way production can also be understood better by all factory personnel along with prompt solutions to prompt issues without hampering anybody's time, efficiency and productivity.
2. Access to real time factory reports from anywhere, anytime
Using the right supply chain technology plays a huge role in the industry today especially for competitors to outdo each other. Digitization of the production processes not only empowers factory workers to find product defects but to also be able to monitor production lines through a simple click from any device. There is no need to be seated behind a factory desk. Zilingo’s in depth Analytics App is equipped with performance tracking anytime, anywhere from the floor until products leave the factory door.It helps management make impactful decisions to improve efficiency through visibility on production output from wherever.
3. Reduction in defects
The Future of ‘Smart Factory’ lies in ‘Smart Technology’ which is critical in streamlining and innovating the manufacturing process. Especially with the majority of factories in the fashion industry not being digitized, the right supply chain technology can aid in solving critical issues of factories such as limited visibility of defects. With Zilingo’s easy to use Production Software QC Managers can now tag errors using a traffic light system which helps a great deal in product quality testing. This is also where Zilingo’s heat map feature comes into use. With this feature, factory personnel can successfully sort out every defective garment and can generate a daily defects report.
4. Going Green
Industry 4.0 is paving the way for apparel brands to put forth sustainability in their vision. Choosing environmentally conscious factories guarantees increase in production efficiencies which has led to manufacturers transitioning to sustainable factories. Zilingo’s sustainable supply chain solutions contribute towards the decrease in factory waste. The % of waste reduction by using our software is up to 50%.
Our sustainable expertise can help you with supplier portfolios that match your needs. Be it working with socially responsible factories, sustainable sourcing of yarn and fabrics through certified suppliers or even discovery of a sustainable fabric database, becoming environmentally conscious has become more important than ever.
5. Increase in production & eliminating manual data reporting
Zilingo’s Production software not only helps in unlocking new efficiencies in production but also provides end-to-end solutions to manufacturers. Zilingo helps in reinventing the production process through digitization. Our production software generates daily production reports and daily measurement reports. A lot of manual paperwork was used earlier to conduct product quality checks which can be avoided with this new process. The data can be processed directly into the system by factory workers. Manufacturers and factory owners can find an increase in output by up to 12% using Zilingo Production Software on factory floors.
Explore our services and make your supply chain more efficient. Now make your factory smarter and efficient with technology by trying out Zilingo’s Production Software, you will be able to notice the improvement in the quality of your products along with impact on production lines. Get in touch with us!
Tim Editorial Zilingo
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