Zilingo Factory — A Year in the Making

Louisa George
February 03, 2021
Zilingo was founded in 2015 with the belief that the future of commerce belongs to everyone. By using smart, technology-led solutions to bridge the gap between creators and producers, our aim is to forge a more connected and technology driven supply chain.
In our journey towards enabling digital transformation at various levels of the fashion supply chain, we saw a pressing need for technological solutions to solve the challenges of fashion manufacturers—the forerunners of the supply chain. The future of manufacturing is tech and for factories to see higher growth margins, leveraging this, has been the top priority. Hence, we acquired nCinga early in January 2020. Zilingo and nCinga together formed, Zilingo Factory—with the vision of enabling transformation through real time visibility and transparency.
Zilingo Factory is an MES software that provides a cloud-based end to end solution for the apparel manufacturing shop-floor with customized solutions for each department. Factories now can track, optimize, digitize their processes with real time visibility anytime, anywhere to
improve efficiency, quality and decrease wastage.
Here’s what the media had to say about us:
“Zilingo will also help to expand the reach of nCinga’s software to core fashion manufacturing markets, such as Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey. In a statement, nCinga chief executive Imal Kalutotage said the startup “hopes to do great things together.” - Techcrunch
“The acquisition will drive adoption of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software across Zilingo’s global network of 6,000 factories and 75,000 businesses, enabling access to previously untapped markets, it said.” - Economic Times
“What excited us about the nCinga product was their ability to dramatically improve efficiency and drive insights by digitising the shop floor - we have partnered with them for a long time and their work has been crucial to our mission of creating a transparent, sustainable, economically viable and socially responsible apparel supply chain," Ankiti Bose, co-founder and CEO of Zilingo, said.” - livemint
"The acquisition will bring added features to the company's customers in the United States, Europe and Australia, where brands traditionally lack transparency over supply chain and manufacturing processes," Zilingo said. - Business Times
A year later, now Zilingo Factory operates in over 50 factories spanning across 6 countries. Zilingo Factory’s 12 modules have been deployed to over 800 lines, with 3.5 million pcs quality checked every month.
Louisa George
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