How Digitization Improves Quality Control?

Zilingo Editorial Team
May 05, 2020
In today’s fast paced and competitive environment, digitization is a key differentiator for manufacturers. By transforming the traditional manufacturing process into a Smart Factory is the way ahead. With recurrent everyday issues of factories big or small, automation of production processes can help solve problems in real time.
The key to implementing successful quality control processes is through integration of technology at every stage of production which would result in greater efficiency and sustainability. Here’s where Zilingo’s Production Software comes into picture. There is real time capturing of data during every step of the production process, predictive analysis and live on-the-go viewing of factory reports accessible from anywhere. Our production software helps factory owners and quality control managers understand quality issues better which would ease their work and solve inefficiencies largely. This switch to Smart Manufacturing will help garment manufacturers in scaling their business operations and helping them inch closer towards Industry 4.0.
At present traditional manufacturing units work in silos but Zilingo Production Software aims to be disruptive. Let’s take a look at how Zilingo’s Production Software aids in transforming traditional manufacturing into something bigger and better with technology by the forefront in the following ways:
1. Zilingo’s central dashboard provides the factory workers with an aggregated view of the overall garment production for all the lines in real-time. It helps guide them through critical manufacturing decisions and problems with timely insights. This is a good way of empowering workers by reducing their re-work time.
2. Large amounts of manual process and paper make it impossible to track real-time defects as well as generate efficient reporting. After the implementation of Zilingo Production Software, digitization of the production process gives factory workers access to more efficient reports of product defects and production outputs. This results in more productive outcomes overall. Now improve the quality of your products by eliminating manual data reporting.
3. Difficult to supervise production output? Now with Zilingo Production Software you can find out how many items are being produced on an hourly basis through real time tracking. This helps in increasing production efficiency a great deal.
4. Quick solutions to problems through analysis of data on a day-to-day basis. Data that was previously coming through ERPs or spreadsheets was eligible for analysis only one day later, which made it difficult to react quickly to situations.
5. There is complete operational visibility on the production output, from monitoring and analyzing why a particular line can’t achieve the production target, so that immediate feedback can be given to the factory supervisors.
6. Automated real-time production reports help managers monitor the input & the output at any given time. The software’s smartphone accessibility ensures that managers have access to the factory’s performance at all times. Monitor production activities anywhere and anytime.
7. By using Zilingo’s Production Software you can now solve the issue of high defect rate in the production process. With this software, you can successfully classify every defective garment and can generate a production report and defect report in real-time. Which would otherwise involve tedious and heavy paperwork.
8. Increase your factory efficiency and decrease line defects without disturbing the existing factory line layout and process setup. Switching your manufacture to a Smart Factory by using Zilingo’s Production Software. We help you in achieving an agile production process through technology.
9. Get visibility on product defects with "Heat-Map" technology that can identify garment defects on the product silhouette. The heat maps allow you to check product defects more effectively in real time. Historical data allows you to identify the critical operations when running the same style for a second time.
10. Digitization identifies quality problems faster and saves time. Now End Line Quality Checkers will be able to get alterations hand to hand without any mix ups. It helps them keep track of altered pieces.
11. With Zilingo’s Production Software there is identification of quality issues beforehand, quality of products can be improved and the factory can significantly reduce costs both internally and externally before it reaches the final consumer.
Automation of end-to-end quality checks at every stage of the production process is a major factor in optimizing production output. This can be done through control, planning and improvement by incorporating the above mentioned approach.
And with the rapid growth of the Covid Crisis, we at Zilingo have tailored our existing products and services to respond to your critical needs keeping cost reduction and minimum production defects in mind. We understand that you have factory requirements and aim to provide you with customized solutions for your digitized factory floor. Get in touch with us today!
Zilingo Editorial Team
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