A Look at Impacted Industries  (And what we can learn from them)

Zilingo Editorial Team
The outburst and the effects of COVID-19 can already be seen in close to 100 countries globally. We thought we’d put together a quick cheat sheet to understand how it has hampered various sectors and how it may affect you, your client and your prospects.
Impact on Supply chain
As per recent research conducted by the Institute for Supply Chain Management, approximately 75% of companies have reported disruption in their business model in one way or another. With China being the main source of the Supply chain for most countries, there is now a huge growth opportunity for India to meet demand in the global market.
Impact on Digitization
A report states that 60% of companies have seen an increase in individual employee productivity, even though the overall business productivity has been impacted.With reliability on digitization driving most professional interactions, organizations have seen a fall in overhead costs. The only drawback is some employees at an entry level may not have the necessary provisions to work from home.
Impact on Factory Operations Teams
Here’s a look at some of the guidance offered by world manufacturing organizations:
1. Teach employees to distance themselves by 3 feet or more whenever possible.
2. Have close-proximity workers wear safety masks as a temporary form of personal protective equipment (PPE).
3. Reschedule non-critical services or have them performed on off-peak hours.
4. Stagger shifts to reduce the total population present in the factory at one time.
5. Cut back to floor skeleton crews or reassign workers to isolative tasks where possible.
6. Make sanitization a priority, with access to disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies.
Impact on workforce and suppliers:
Treat this pandemic as an opportunity to review processes and policies. The International Labor Organization has called for urgent, large-scale and coordinated measures across three pillars - protecting workers in the workplace, stimulating the economy and employment, and supporting jobs and incomes.
While many of us are largely affected by the novel Corona-virus, we at Zilingo are privileged to have access to services throughout the supply chain and are up to support you in every possible way. Let’s ensure we come out of this stronger and better.
Zilingo Editorial Team
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