PT KKS: Digitising production operations to introduce visibility and control

Louisa George
March 12, 2021
In our journey towards striving for a more digitised process in fashion manufacturing, we’ve deployed the Zilingo Factory software to over 50 factories across 4 countries. One such factory was PT KKS, who sought to improve their operations and we helped them reach their targets.
Located in Malang, Indonesia, PT Kasih Karunia Sejati came into existence in 1968 to produce ready-to-wear clothes like jeans, jacket, pants, shirt, etc. PT KKS factory manufactures and distributes a couple of local brands such as Emba, Used, Morphidae, and Twist Kids. It
has 3 production sites and 9 production lines for sewing, laundry, finishing, packaging, and warehousing. The factory is conscious of the environment and has built its own waste management.
Their Challenge
1. Laborious manual reporting, slow paperwork
2. Limited visibility of defects
3. Lack of real-time production data
These resulted in delays in solution implementation which affected the productivity of the factory.
“Prior to Zilingo Production Software, it was difficult for us to supervise the production output; we had no idea how many items we produced in real time.”
- Navisa, Assistant Production Manager, PT KKS Factory
Why Zilingo Factory?
When asked why they chose to work with Zilingo Factory this is what Ardianto, the owner of PT KKS had to say: “We decided to partner with Zilingo and use its production software to solve the issues in our quality control line. With this software, we successfully sort out every defective garment and can generate a production report in real-time. I believe it would be impossible to do it manually given how tedious and heavy in paperwork the process would be.”
The Results
PT KKS used Zilingo Production Software to digitize its production process and optimize production output.
Zilingo’s central dashboard provided the factory workers with an aggregated view of the overall garment production for all the lines in real-time. It helped guide them through critical manufacturing decisions and problems with timely insights.
Automated real-time production reports also helped managers monitor the input and the output at any given time. The software’s smartphone accessibility ensured that managers have access to the factory’s performance at all times.
Thanks to that, production at PT KKS rose dramatically. Their production outputs increased by 4% and decreased line defects by 40%. All this was achieved without disturbing the existing factory line layout and process setup. PT KKS switched its manufacturing to a smart factory and achieved agile production process excellence through technology.
“Now we have complete visibility on the production output, this allows us to monitor and analyze why a particular line can’t achieve the production target, so we can give immediate feedback to the factory supervisors.”
- Navisa, Assistant Production Manager, PT KKS Factory
Louisa George
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