Keynote Session: Mechanics of the Future Ready Apparel Manufacturing

Anuj George
November 19, 2021
The manufacturing space has seen huge developments in terms of technologies and infrastructure in the last 2 decades, these developments were skewed towards the digital transformation, the pace of which doubled during COVID-19.

However, the manufacturing space of the apparel industry hasn't seen any drastic changes yet in terms of technologies and infrastructure. Right now, do we really know what the future apparel factory looks like?
The future apparel factory should be an amalgamation of 2 things - modern & latest cutting edge technology AND self-adapting & hyper-flexible facilities.

But why do we need the apparel factories to be FUTURE-READY?
It is now important that we have factories that are future-ready to cope up with the challenges that might come with the changes that the industry has seen. The future is already here, and apparel manufacturers need to up their game to be able to maintain and grow their efficiencies and profit margins in the times to come.
Anuj George, Head of business at Zilingo factory explained the 4 ingredients of a SMART APPAREL FACTORY - Speed, Connectivity, Accessibility, Anchoring. Watch the video to understand these in detail.

Anuj George
Head of Business, Zilingo Factory
Anuj has a decades-long track record of technology leadership and accomplishments in the apparel and technology sector. He has excelled in executive leadership roles at multiple fashion and technology companies of scale. He has demonstrated an ability to enhance go-to-market strategies, scale enterprises, and expand business opportunities at global companies catering to the apparel industry.
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